SOLD OUT: Royal Copenhagen Spring Bonbonniere - Large
SOLD OUT: Royal Copenhagen Spring Bonbonniere - Large
Item #: 1249651
Outgoing / Discontinued. No Stock Remaining.
  • Item #: 1249651
  • This series of Royal Copenhagen Easter Eggs speaks the language of flowers. The small eggs are made of the brightest white porcelain and are decorated with white pansies, yellow crocus, blue anemones and pale mauve violets. The shades have been carefully coordinated to complement and work with each other
    The flower design itself is inspired by Royal Copenhagen's first Flora Danica service from 1790, a costly gift from the Danish Royal Family to Catherine the Great of Russia. The service was decorated using illustrations from the great botanical work Flora Danica, which catalogues the Danish kingdom's flora in detail.
    Royal Copenhagen's creative team has spent countless hours admiring the original illustrations and carefully selecting the most beautiful spring flowers to be printed on the eggs for Easter.
    • Dimensions: 170 mm
    • Main material: Porcelain
    • Design by: Royal Copenhagen
    • Production start: 2006
    • Printed decoration

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