Sarah Bottger

Sarah Böttger lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany. After she completed her apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker, she studied product design at the Hochschule far Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main. During her studies she took a semester at the Art Academy in Helsinki, where she focused on furniture and glass designs with Nordic culture specific traits. Her approach to design is based on experiences in everyday life and people's daily living, which is clearly reflected in her designs. With a clear awareness of the use and handling of material, she shows that there may be interesting results by combining traditional and modern techniques. She does not focus on the changing trends, but strives to develop functional objects that can be used and be part of the dwelling in the long term. To obtain the specific expression and high utility value, she has carefully thought through every detail, but without the final product making a big fuss. She prefers instead to emphasize the simplicity of her designs.
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