Steen Georg Christensen & Erling Andersen

In 1984 these two Danish designers had a stroke of genius when they created the spectacular Picto watch. A minimalist, almost aesthetic watch design in a graphic style and "rotating disc" which is more contemporary today than ever before. With Picto, Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen wanted to design a "picture" of time. Where traditional watches show the time with the ticking hands, it is the watch face that rotates on Picto, giving the illusion of the earth moving and time passing. Conversely, the hour hand is fixed like a dot on the face, as Picto's only feature besides the minute hand—both in shiny, stylish steel.

Picto's innovative design and technology have taken the watch all over the world and directly into MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where the watch is today a part of the museum's permanent exhibition.
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