Stelton Embrace Tableware

Christina Halskov & Hanne Dalsgaard

Embrace means to hold - or hug. And it is also the romance, which is in focus in Stelton's beautiful Embrace-vases, which were introduced this year. Now a small new little romantic has joined them: Embrace, mini which like its 'big sisters' is embraced by a wavy ring of steel jewellery.

Embrace, mini is a small decorative piece of jewellery in itself. It is obvious as a vase for small harbingers of spring or a mini late summer bouquet. But it is also incredibly beautiful with a tea light or filled with decorative sweets for the evening coffee. Embrace is designed by the designer duo Hanne Dalsgaard and Christina Halskov.

The fruit bowl and vases are a new in the Embrace series, which is characterized by the elegant, light and organic form language.

The Embrace fruit bowl, which is made of stainless steel, has a tight, decorative expression, and it creates a nice contrast when it is full of fresh fruit.

The Embrace fruit bowl may be used together with the Stelton bread bag, which fits perfectly into the bowl. The Embrace series consists of vases in three sizes and cloths in three different colours.
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