Vipp Hook, Set of 2 - SOLD OUT
Vipp Hook, Set of 2 - SOLD OUT
Vipp Hook, Set of 2 - SOLD OUT
Designed by Vipp Design Lab
Item #: VPi00101
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  • Designer: Vipp Design Lab
  • Item #: VPi00101
  • Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
  • Dimensions:
    2.4" (6 cm)
  • Material:
    Stainless Steel/Rubber
  • Care:
    Stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned and polished with a microfiber cloth, glass cleaner or other non abrasive and gentle cleaning agents. Lacquered surfaces should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Rubber parts should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Apply silicone spray for better finish. Vipp products with dark surfaces should be cleaned with a soft brush and, if stained, with a bit of water. Then wipe with dry cloth.
  • The Vipp hook is part of the 'Vipp Bathroom Accessories' range. The idea behind the design is to create a complete look in the bathroom through a number of products in tight, horizontal lines, function-based details and exclusively processed materials.

    The industrial processing is obvious in the hook's raw design while the rubber coated groove in the hook interact with the rubber strap on the Vipp towels in regards to design.

    Together with the shower shelf, toilet roll holder and towel bar, the hook provides innovative details in solid stainless steel and durable rubber in style with the Vipp collection.

    "The interaction between the detailed processing and the clear starting point in function are reflected in a pure and simplified, industrial design which gives the products strong cohesion." – Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer at Vipp.

    The Vipp hook is available in packages of two.

    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    Vipp Design LabThe kinship in the Vipp collection is unmistakable; new as well as old products enhance Vipp’s more than 70-year-old tradition for design products in excellent quality.

    The foundation of Vipp’s Design DNA derives from the classic pedal bin and is carried on by Vipp’s Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen: "Functionality and a distinctive idiom based on high quality materials and special manufacturing processes are the pillars of Vipp DNA and represents the common thread between past, present and future products." explains Morten Bo, Chief Designer in Vipp.

    Morten Bo Jensen is the creative mind behind recent years' new Vipp products. At the rather tender age of 27, Morten Bo was entrusted to carry on the Vipp family's design legacy. Educated as an industrial designer in Denmark and with a past working for the Biomega Bike brand, Morten Bo took on the challenge of bringing the 70-year-old Vipp design DNA into the future.

    From the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Morten Bo runs Vipp Design Lab that continuously seeks to combine aesthetics and functionality in order to reach new dimensions.

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