Children's Caps, Hoods and Scarves

The Original Handknitted Norwegian Children's Cap

The knitting traditions of Selbu Norway are hundreds of years old, but around 1850 a young women, Marit Emstad, created a little knitting revolution. She often knitted while working as a summer shepherd with yarn in her pocket or basket.

Marit decided to try knitting with two different colored threads instead of one. The results were great patterns and a technique that soon became popular. Others made their own style, and today the Selbu Husflid has registrated more than 300 designs.

Now these hand knitted hats, mittens and stockings and are presented under the trademark Original Selbu. All the knitting takes place in Selbu about one hour from Trondheim. Interestingly enough, the knitting orders are called out to each area knitter via the local radio station. Listen up, "Marit, we need more children's caps in black and white."

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