Orrefors / Kosta Boda

Snowball Votive, Set of 3 - Gift Boxed, Includes Clear Cup Tealight Candles - 40-Pack

Kosta Boda | Sweden
SKU: OK-7067354-FJ-OH
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The Snowball from Kosta Boda is not just any candle holder. The iconic votive has illuminated its surroundings since 1973, when it was created by designer Ann Wolff through an experiment where glass was blown directly into a snowdrift. With a shape and surface as if it were actually made of snow, Snowball evokes the snow lanterns of childhood—at the same time as it illuminates the winter darkness here and now. The perfect gift from Sweden, and within Sweden.

  • Brand:Orrefors / Kosta Boda of Sweden
  • Care:Hand Wash Only
  • SKU: OK-7067354-FJ-OH
  • Material:
    • Snowballs: Mouth Blown Glass
    • 100% Rapeseed Wax, Eco-Friendly Recycled Clear Plastic Cups, Cotton Wick. 0% Paraffin, 0% Palm Oil, 0% Aluminum
      • Designer:Ann Wolff
      • Dimensions:
        • Small: H: 2.35", Ø: 2.35"
        • Medium: H: 2.75", Ø: 2.75"
        • Large: H: 3.5", Ø: 4.125"
Ann Wolff
Ann Wolff was a founding figure in international "Studio Glass". During a career that to date spans forty years, she has worked as an engraver, a vessel maker, a sculptor, a stained glass artist, a water-colorist and a designer for industry. After studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm, she married Swedish glass artist Göran Wärff and worked with him as a designer at Pukebergs Glasbruk 1960-1964, and then at Kosta Boda 1964-1970. Ten years of discipline as a designer in the glass industry gave her practical and organizational skills that most of her colleagues in the glass world, particularly those outside Scandinavia, do not have. An account of her decision to use sandblasting and etching techniques on glass underscores her technical adaptability. In 1982 whilst staying with Harvey Littleton in North Carolina he taught her about printing from glass plates, a technique which resulted in some remarkable work from her. Ann's installation at the Ducal Palace in Venice was a transitional work with layered enamel painted glass sheets in dialogue with cast sculptural elements.
Orrefors / Kosta Boda of Sweden
Orrefors / Kosta Boda—With its four glassworks, Orrefors Kosta Boda is Scandinavia's largest glassworks group. The heart of the business is the Kingdom of Crystal in the province of Småland, which attracts a million visitors annually. Kosta is Sweden's oldest glassworks. Founded in 1742, Kosta is often referred to as the mother of the Kingdom of Crystal, since many of the neighboring glassworks were founded by former Kosta masters. Orrefors Kosta Boda AB consists of the following glassworks: Orrefors, Kosta, Boda and Afors. Around the world Orrefors is associated with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass that all add beauty to our everyday life. Together with its skillful designers, Orrefors presents a new collection of glass every spring and autumn. One of the world's most celebrated makers of beautiful crystal is named for a beautiful place—Orrefors is a waterfall that tumbles into Lake Orrenas in the Kingdom of Glass—the Småland region where Sweden's glass-making industry has thrived for over 250 years.

Read more about the Orrefors / Kosta Boda story here.

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