Nils-Erik Nilsson

Since 1972, Halmstad artist Nils-Erik Nilsson devoted himself to classical oil and watercolor painting. The motifs have often been taken from the Halland landscape and especially from the coast. From 2003 onwards, Nils-Erik was hired by an art publisher to paint Christmas card motifs from different cities and towns in Sweden, which has led to about 300 different Christmas cards being created with motifs from all over the country. This interest has now become a great passion and painting is now completely dominated by capturing the distinctiveness and image of the Swedish cities. In the city motifs, Nils-Erik paints a well-known and representative view of each city. The motifs are a mixture of imagination, reality, humor and many details—the most common comment from viewers is "you get happy". The city motifs are an end in themselves, but the images are used for postcards, magnets, badges, canvas paintings, etc. and sometimes not at all. In 2018, a project was started in collaboration with Ekelund's weaving mill in Horred to craft a collection of city towels based on Nils-Erik’s city motif.
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