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Darren Almond – Fullmoon@Yesnaby (2007)

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Exhibition poster with the work, Fullmoon@Yesnaby (2007), by the English artist, Darren Almond (b. 1971), published in connection with the Louisiana exhibition, The Moon - From the Inner World to the Outer Space, in 2018/2019. Darren Almond makes film, photography, installation and sculpture. The work here is part of Almond's series of photographs—Fullmoons—where Darren has captured landscapes in moonlight by exposing his camera for up to 15 minutes.

The exhibition showed up to 150 works about the Moon as one of our culture's great motifs and drew a multifaceted portrait of the Earth's natural satellite through art, film, music, literature, cultural-historical objects, design, architecture, natural science and astronomy.

As the only celestial body whose surface can be seen with the naked eye from Earth, the Moon has fascinated artists and writers for centuries. Its round, white disc has been an open projection surface for myths, imaginings and dreams.

When we look out into space, we also see ourselves—and the Moon becomes, as an absolute otherness , a mirror for the human. Here, science and folklore, fiction and technology, existential quest and economic expansion meet.

Louisiana's exhibit explored how seemingly conflicting cultural impulses intertwine in the Moon's recent history.
  • Brand:louisiana-modern
  • Country: Printed in Denmark
  • SKU: LA-11616-FJ
  • Material: Printed on strong, matte paper.
  • Dimensions:26.3" x 23.4"

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